On our last day we have been spoilt with outstanding beautiful weather. It was an easy ride on the flat stretch from the campsite in Embleton to Tynemouth, where we have booked an hotel.

We enjoyed a coffee on a terrace at the harbour in Amble. There were a dozen American who wanted to go on a puffin sightseeing boottrip, but after they had left the calm returned. Back on our bikes we were daydreaming about the fact that it possibly had been the last nice spot for the day. And then soon we had to circle from one by road or cycle road to the next, etween Newbiggin by the Sea and Blyth. Blyth, where there were many people about in the park and men looking for mussels in the river.

This evening we took a stroll through Tynemouth and had a proper fish and chips. Because of the warmth it still is busy on the beach.

Distance 73,5 kilometers.

In total we cycled approx 1300 kilometers. It has been a cycle tour with much variety in surrounding as well as the weather. The cycling along the sea is what we loved the most.

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