Our tent was completely dry before we repackaged our panniers. That happens very rarely. It is better for sustainability to be packed dry.

Bert offered to cycle a long way back to find my raincoat, but since the weather looked good, we relied that it would remain dry at least till Seahouses (where we bought a cheap one).

The small dirth path with views on possibly puffins and dolfins turned out to be a lot shorter and a lot less spectacular as in my memory. However, the first time we were cycling towards Berwick upon Tweed it was with two teenagers in a severe storm. The second time it was just the excitment of cycling there again and this time we are accustomed to rocks and cliffs.
The route we follow from Berrick to Newcastle is route 1, the North Sea Cycle Route, a route down memory lane. We skipped Holly Island, because the traffic jam didn’t promise peace and quietness. We drank coffee at a new place near Lindesfarne and stopped to take photos of the (former) campsite, where we stayed the night in the storm ten years ago.

Tomorrow the last stretch. Bert says it is not that far anymore, but we don’t travel as fast as we’re used to.

Distance 60 kilometers

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